J-Si’s Blog: Grumpy Old Men
J-Si’s Blog: Grumpy Old Men

Kinsey has been on a tear in the shopping department. I think she feels the need to make up for the fact that she can’t buy clothes lately, because of her pregnancy. She feels that since she is going to grow for the next 5 months, she can’t buy anything to wear… that is a whole different problem. There is nothing worse than the woman who feels trapped in her wardrobe haha. So to get that shopping bug out of her system, she buys furniture for the house. We are still a long ways away from having this home finished. Our guest bedroom still doesnt have a bed, our front room needs a couple little couches and a coffee table, we still need 4-5 rugs to place around the house. It all makes my head hurt. Buying a home is no joke, people!

Yesterday, we got closer to finishing our dining room. We have a table, chairs, a mirror… and as of yesterday, a buffet end table thing. I don’t know what they are called, I just know that you put it in the end of the room. It’s teal, Kinsey likes it, and it was not crazy expensive. It made me shiver a lil bit, but if it makes Kinsey happy, I am all good with spending 200 bucks, which is awesome because some of those things are in the $500 range.

Kinsey was with Cason, and is preggo, so she needed assistance taking the buffet thing out to the car. buffetThey asked her to pull the car up, because they have a rule regarding their employees going into the parking lot. That is fine, better safe than sorry. So Kinsey pulled the car up to the front of the store, left the front driver side door cracked, turned the car off, and headed to the back to open the trunk. She doesn’t leave the car running because Cason is in there, and doesn’t close the door all the way because she is scared to lock him in. Smart girl, right?! So as she is watching the gentleman load up the furniture, some idiot in a huge black truck drives by her car, honks his horn, and screams, “shut your door you dumb, b***h!” That’s a bit of a overreaction, if you ask
me. The employee was even a bit taken back by it. Kinsey called me right away to let me know what happened. She was obviously not happy about the man honking his horn, scaring Cason, and making him cry… and being called a “b” for no reason.

She had just gotten in the car, was a bit shaken, and I was just trying to calm her down. All of a sudden, she stops me mid sentence and says, “he’s walking towards my car!” That scared me. I am 15 minutes away from her, and this looney guy is acting irrational. The guy walked directly to her driver side window and just started screaming at her. The window was shut, but I could still hear him screaming obscenities at her. Did I mention Cason was clearly visible and
witnessed this man calling Kinsey every bad word in the book. I told her to just start honking her horn to get people’s attention, and that if he tried to open her door, to hang up and call 911. He didn’t try to open the door, but got plenty of spit on her window. Kinsey stopped honking to crack her window and say, “we were loading a shelf, and I have my baby in the car… you had plenty of space to drive by!” Instead of apologizing, he screamed “f*** your baby!” That.
Right. There. Pissed. Me. Off. But, there is nothing I could do. So I told Kinsey to take a deep breath, look at her new turquoise buffet end table, and smile. Can’t let some grumpy idiot with no manners ruin your day. I also told her to get his license plate to see if we can have the police give him a surprise visit. I think he did something that is against the law in his 2 minute tirade. 🙂