Well, we are nearing “Casocalypse”! This will mark the end of any free time we desire to have while Cason sits in the corner or walks around holding the ottoman. We took him to a baby gym class today… Kinsey’s idea. It was his first and last class because these classes cost about $50 a month, and Cason was only interested in playing with the balls. Good news: we have a lot of balls at the house. He was also afraid of the parachute they used to play a lil game of peekaboo. He was so scared of the parachute, that he actually let go of Kinsey and tried to run away… more like waddle away. He got about 6 good steps in before he had a very ungraceful fall. He was all good. He just stayed on his knees and crawled to the nearest ball as he kept screaming “bah bah!” (ball). Good times. So we are ready for the lil man is about to start the whole walking thing. Actually, we are not ready, at all! I wish he would just sit in one spot for the first 5 years before they go off to school. Heck, we still have to baby proof the rest of the house. We would do that this weekend, but we are celebrating a special occasion.

Today is Kinsey’s birthday. I would tell you how old she is, but I heard that is frowned upon by her. So let’s just say that she is halfway to 58. ha! This is the woman I have been with for the last 10 years. You know what makes this great? We are not perfect. People think that a successful relationship can only be achieved by two perfect people. Nope. A successful relationship comes from climbing out of the tough times. Trust me, we have had our downs, we have been near a breakup… but never pulled the trigger on it. Why? I don’t know. I always take a step back, and picture my life without her… and my life doesn’t seem complete. After all, Kinsey has been there through the most difficult parts of my life. She took a gamble on me. I am fully aware that she could have had any guy she pointed at. So my goal is to give her the life that she has always envisioned. That has nothing to do with money, by the way, it has to do with happiness. Cason has been a big part of helping us reach that.

This is her first birthday as a mommy. Things changed big time. There will be no going out to the club with our friends, no all night drinking, no crazy stuff. We are going to dinner at her favorite spot at 6 pm, and will be home by 8. haha. Her request. That is what I love about Kinsey. She may look like she likes the finer things in life, but she chose me, so you can tell that she is cool without the finer things. I will try to serenade her when we get home, but she always gets embarrassed and laughs like an old lady. Her nervous laugh cracks me up. Her random, and blunt, jokes crack me up. Her white girl dance cracks me up. I know this is not the most extravagant sounding birthday, but this is who we are. We are happy with just hanging out with each other on our birthdays. I did get the warning: we have to go all out for the big 3-0. This means I have an entire year to plan it… which means I will wait until three weeks out, do nothing, and put something together three days before it goes down. Being a guy is stressful!

Happy birthday, Kinsey! Your present is going to be a private screening of Magic Mike, while I act out the scene with the guys on screen. Good times! Love you!