Well, my first couple of shootings days are complete. Don’t worry, I didn’t go hood over the weekend… not that kind of shooting. Filming, I guess is a better term. I can honestly say I have completely misjudged acting. I always thought being an actor was easy. You show up, you film a couple things, and you go home, and count your millions of dollars. Nope. That is not what it is at all. It is actually draining, and tough. The days are three times longer than I expected, and you do the same thing over and over and over. And once you think you got it, you do it again. On Friday alone, I was there from 1pm until just after midnight, and they had already been working for a few hours before I even got there. So I will say that my respect for those who do the acting, directing, producing, and filming thing professionally has gone up 1000%. WOW!

jsicostarWe got the toughest scene out of the way the first day, which was weird, because it was a love scene… and I had only met the girl for about half an hour a few days beforehand. Maybe it’s better that way, but I have never been as nervous as I was leading up to that. That includes when I played sports, and my first day on the show… which were days that I was “I am about to puke” nervous. Kinsey had told me not to tell her when that scene was going to take place, so she wouldn’t be thinking about it the whole time I was away. So what does she do when I get home? She asks me if we filmed that scene. I didn’t want to lie about it, so I told her that we had done the scene. Then she started asking the questions that most significant others would ask, but I talked her out of asking those questions. What I did tell her is that it was the most awkward thing I have ever done in my life. Mostly because there are a bunch of dudes telling you what to do, where to put your hands, how to tilt your head, what noises to make and when, there’s a camera right next to you the whole time, they make you stop every 30 seconds and start over, plus it is hot in there because they cant have any outside noises. No AC, no fridge, no fans… nothing. That made her feel better.

So did I do a good job? I have no idea. They told me I did, but they could just be telling me that to make me feel good about myself. At least I am working with actual professionals, so I am hoping I look good because of them.

I did reward myself on Saturday by buying the Mayweather and Canelo fight. The fight itself was a bit boring, but watching awkward Justin Bieber acting all tough was worth the money. Dude was cracking me up. Lesson learned, boxing matches are never as good as you hope they will be. Next time I will watch it for free at Al’s bar, and just drink water so that I save money. Boom!