Today is the day I begin my new challenge. I need this challenge, mostly because
I am a huge fan of proving people wrong. Ever since Kinsey and I had Cason, my
friends tell me things along the lines of:

1. “You will never be able to have fun again.” So we get a babysitter twice a month and make sure we still enjoy each other after Cason goes to sleep on weekends.

But the second one I keep getting has been they are mostly right about.

2. “You wont have the time or motivation to stay in shape… in fact, you already
lost some.” In part, that is true. I don’t really have the time, but I hate when people, especially friends, tell me that I wont/I don’t have motivation. So I have worked it out with Kinsey. I usually take care of the Cason business from 2 pm til bath time. Kinsey deserves to take care of her dreams and aspirations too, plus she is working on tweaking her online business… she has to have it just right before she launches. haha. So I have bought myself an extra hour, twice a week. Today it begins. The first step to proving to myself, that I can still start something, and finish it with results. Plus, I honestly need to get back to healthy status. I still try to eat healthy, but my weakness for candy and fast food has been exposed, and I definitely eat it waaaaay more than I need to. I just keep telling myself, “it’s ok, you can work it off tomorrow.” And then I take the day off from working out. It’s better to stop that now before I get three years down the road right?

Kinsey did make fun of my main goal. Its not to lift super heavy weight, or to be
able to make my chesticles muscles dance like a body builder. stretchingMy main goal is to
be able to have the palm of my hands lay flat on the ground when I stretch to touch my toes. Simple? Yes. Weird? Probably.

So wish me luck, I am sure I will be puking at 2:05 pm… my session starts at 2.

Good times!