Another day, another milestone. Cason has learned how to kiss… kind of. He is still trying to figure out the whole puckering up thing. If you have seen “Dumb and Dumber”, you may understand what I am trying to describe. Remember the scene where Jim Carrey kisses the girl in his dream? Mouth wide open, no form, lots of grossness… basically, a Big Al Mack style kiss. That’s how Cason kisses. He just goes in, mouth wide open, and kind of sticks his little tongue out. I wonder if he picked that tongue thing up from watching mommy and daddy kiss. Weird.

Problem: Cason doesn’t just want to give mom and dad baby kisses… he wants to giver EVERYone and EVERYthing a kiss. Took him to the play area at the mall again yesterday, and he kept going up to some huge plastic giraffe. He would give this thing a hug, and then kiss it. Cute, right? Wrong! Thats gross. Those play areas are already scary for me, because I feel like there are more diseases in there than a college shower. I can’t make it a big deal either because Cason will do one of two things:

1. Cry
2. Start screaming “no” over and over, and will keep attempting to do it.

So I had to just pick him up and put him in a different spot, but that didn’t work, because I turned my back and he was making out with the plastic turtle. So I moved him to another spot in the play area with no animal faces. Just a wheel, and little toys kids can mess with. I look at my phone, look back up, and he is licking some little girl’s face. That’s when we decided to leave. Took him to the store to buy some groceries, and a listener came up to us. She recognized Cason. kidcartShe was saying hi to him up close, he grabbed her ear, pulled her in, and left a big ol lake of drool on her face. What can I say… we have a lover. He also kisses himself when he looks in the mirror, but that’s fine because we all do that. Right? No? Oh yeah, me neither. That would just be super weird.

The day ended with us in our bed with Cason, and he just kept going back and forth giving us, and the dogs kisses. Kinsey cried… again.