Let’s kick this lil blog off with a good ‘ol Kinsey moment. When I came home, she told me she had to go run some errands and get some paper work because starting an online company is a lil more complicated than we thought. Don’t you hate that? Something looks incredibly simple to put together, but turns out to be way more intricate and time consuming… like putting furniture together. Anyways, Cason and I are chillin on the couch after he decided to grab my glass of water and throw it on the ground, when I get this telephone call from Kinsey the paperwork filler outer:

Kinsey: hey, question… am I a M-R-S, or an M-S.

Me: if you were a teacher what would you go by?

Kinsey: Mrs. Chavez.

Me: there’s your answer.

Kinsey: oooooh yeah! Wait, so I’m not a “miss” anymore?

Me: nope, and there’s no “Mrs. Universe” competition… so there goes your shot.

Kinsey: rude. (click)

When she came home, we took a journey to get her car and pay a cool $1,200 after we had been told it was going to be about $600. How does this happen? Why is that “I got ripped off feeling” taking over my body? haha!

Sometimes I feel like my life is a huge sitcom. I also talked to my mom on the phone for the first time since we went back to San Diego. I know, “but, J-Si… I thought Iyanla fixed your life?!?!” Truth is, Iyanla helped us move in the right direction. Fixing relationships doesn’t happen in two days of filming… it happens over time as people heal. So, like I’ve said before, it has been a process. But, she did call Kinsey to check up on Cason, so that’s good. We had a nice conversation… still feels a lil weird. Main thing: we talked, and that turned into a Skype session with Cason. Good times.

Speaking of good times… how bout that X Factor! Awesome! This may be the best judging panel on TV. They kicked it off with a bang, they created story lines for us to follow relationship wise, Britney was funny, and Demi had some awesome moments. I do wonder how that blonde b****y girl in the beginning of the show feels today. People, if there are cameras and microphones around you… don’t be a huge idiot, don’t judge others without understanding where they come from, and don’t act like you are the best thing to come along and bomb on stage. Once again, I am left wishing that I could sing… and once again, I have a huge crush on Britney. Dare I say that she is back on top of my list? First time since 2003 before the K-Fed fiasco. Congrats Britney!