J-Si’s Blog: I am fixed… not that kind of fixed
J-Si’s Blog: I am fixed… not that kind of fixed

My toof is back to normal! Yay! I don’t know how much that will cost me, or how many more headbutts I will receive from Cason. Believe it or not, I actually like going to the dentist now. My dentist has completely fixed my mouth in the last 4 years, and I desperately needed that. Plus, I don’t think he has ripped me off once. I have heard horror stories from friends, who claim their dentist ripped them off. Not here! In fact, when I went through operation “poop tooth” (when I swallowed my expensive crown on accident), he gave me a new one at no cost. That’s a stand up guy right there. So here’s a good big old high five for my dentist, who fits me in every time I break a tooth, or have any sort of pain.

In other news, poor Kinsey is a tired girl. She is up at 6 am everyday with the Cason, she takes him to play groups, and the library, and baby yoga. Something everyday, so he doesn’t get bored. Then, when I come home, she works on her company. She hasn’t launched it yet, because she wants everything to be perfect. So she researches, and is on the phone constantly. So I am sure she gets pretty worn out, which brings us to my new Facebook feature called “Typical Monday at my House”. Here is this week’s installment:

A Selena song comes on…

Kinsey: I wish I could have gone to one of her concerts!! I love her!

Me: I know, but you didn’t even know who she was when she was alive.

Kinsey: Yes I did… I watched her movie.

Me: It’s a movie about her life…

Kinsey: I know.

Me: where she dies at the end.

Kinsey: ohhhhh yeah… (facepalm)

This is what I love about Kinsey. She has slip ups, like we all do, from time to time. But, when she has one, she doesn’t get mad. She always is able to laugh at herself. That’s the key in life. When we make mistakes, it’s ok to laugh it off. No need to get mad if others notice our mistake. Take it as it is, laugh with your family or friends, and tell the story when you are having drinks a month later. Cheers to Kinsey, for helping me live out my dream of being in a sitcom… even if we have not cameras or scripts 🙂