I do realize that this is possibly the most “nothing” blog that I have ever written! I just wanted you, the reader, to know that I KNOW this is a crap blog. And I DO apologize for it.  🙂

I have booked a few C or D level celebs in the past to perform at my bar. I’ve brought in Coolio, Tone Loc, Digital Underground, Juvenile and I had Flava Flav booked as well, but I cancelled on him. Maybe Later. Anyway, there is a guy coming to town next year that doesn’t sing or rap but I thought it would be a cool event for people to just come and meet him and get an autograph. I don’t want to say who it is just yet because I don’t want anyone to beat me to the punch but it’s killing me to think it might happen…I’ll keep you posted and trust me, I want to spill the beans so bad…

Speaking of things I can’t talk about…Guys, we have been talking about thoughtful gifts for your women this holiday season. Specifically, we have mentioned “experiences” that they will remember. Think back. Do you even remember what people gave you last year or the year before? But I bet you remember your first concert or going to see your favorite team play or a short trip to your favorite city. Maybe a trip to see some family or a good friend. Take a few minutes and think about an “experience” that your woman might enjoy. Maybe its “pole dance lessons,” or maybe going to get her concealed hand gun license at the gun range. Don’t laugh… those are experiences that she would never forget. Take some time and think about something that she may have mentioned in passing a long time ago and act on it. I bet you’ll hit a home run! I sure hope I do with the “thing” that I have come up with. Sure it’s a gamble but that’s half the fun, right?

See, I told you there was nothing here. There’s just not a lot going on.

What else? Diet? Boring…Christmas shopping? Boring! Bar stories? Boring! I just have nothing interesting going on right now…I’ll try harder today to be fun and interesting so that I have something fun to blog about tomorrow!

Have a great day!

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