It’s fair to say that we are creatures of habit, right?!?! We like to have our routines. Some of us are more OCD than others but we all have those things that we do every day. I personally have my days lined up to the minute… just during the week. From going to work, to eating, to when Cason and I have play time, to down time, to TV watching time, to sleep time. Kinsey gets mad at me sometimes because I don’t like messing up the schedule… and the truth is, she does it too.

What does this whole habit thing have to do with my life right now? Well, since I am so used to my routine, I can basically do it with my eyes closed. In the morning, I can walk out of my pitch black home, without incident… as long as nothing has been changed. We have talked about how Big Al used to rearrange his furniture on his blind dog, and the poor dog would bump into things. Now, I am not pointing any fingers at my wife… but I think she may have played a nasty trick on me. I was bragging about my walking in the dark skills last night. I was going more in depth with how I manage not to drop any of the 10 things I carry out with me on a daily basis, and Kinsey was as interested as a cat playing fetch. trippingThis morning, I am walking out in the dark, when I trip over something. My oatmeal went flying, computer went flying, backpack went flying… you are probably wondering: how could this happen to a man, who has mastered walking through his house in the dark?! Well, Kinsey came running out, because every time she hears something she thinks its a break-in. I was laying in my oatmeal, she turned the lights on, and said, “ooops! Forgot to tell you that I moved the side tables because I couldn’t sleep.” She had a smirk on her face, so I could tell she knew what she was doing, or she was trying to hold her laughter in. Somehow, Cason did not wake up. I guess he was too tired to wake up after he decided to have a laugh fest in his crib at 2 a.m. I changed shirts and headed out. She wins 🙂