J-Si’s Blog:  I passed my surprise test!
J-Si’s Blog: I passed my surprise test!

It was one of those weekends were we stayed in and caught a couple movies. Mostly because Kinsey is not feeling very well these days. We are two months away from lil Chloé being born, and she is definitely feeling the pregnancy symptoms including:

1. Back pain (clapping)

2. Insomnia!!!! (clapping)

3. our good friends, swollen hands and feet! (clapping)

4. Weird appetite! (clapping)

5. And our enemy: lack of wanting anyone to touch her (booooing)

There are many other ones, but the list would be too long. I am almost to the point of having to help her shave her legs because the belly is getting in the way too much. Anyways, we were 1 for 2 on the movie front. We watched Silver Linings Playbook on Friday night. Kidd said he walked out of the movie. I personally thought it was great. I officially respect Bradley Cooper as an actor now, due to how great I think he did in this movie. Yes, it moved a bit slowly at times, but I enjoyed the end, and some of the parts leading up to it. Kinsey, on the other hand, fell asleep and then finished the movie at 3 am… because she couldn’t sleep.

jsibaby2Night number two, the symptoms were still there. So we stayed in and watched another movie. This time we watched Identity Thief. Kinsey fell asleep midway through this one as well. She did wake up at the end, just in time to say, “this is the worst movie I have ever watched!” Sadly, I may have to agree with her. It was not good. I didn’t laugh once. I learned my lesson. If a bunch of critics say a comedy really sucks, I have to go with that. Boy, that was a waste of money and time. I wish I could get my money and my time back. In fact, I would pay more money than the movie cost to rent, to have my money and time back, that’s how much I didn’t like the movie.

The big news is that I was apparently given a “Pregnancy Surprise Test”, as Kinsey likes to call it. She sent me out to go get a movie. So that right there holds plenty of pressure. On my way, she asked me to pick her up some “stuff”. She didn’t say candy, or snacks. She just said “stuff”, meaning: whatever you think I am craving. Unfortunately, I am not Kinsey, so I have no idea what she is craving on any given night. So I had to just cover all angles. I ended up buying something sweet, something salty, something chocolate, something gummy, something sour, and something with cheese. When I came home, I got a “woooow! You covered all my cravings!” Did I feel proud? Heck yeah!

Not everything this weekend had the “wow” factor to go along with it. Unfortunately, the “honey do list” on the fridge still has 8 items. I actually put together a dresser that we had in the new nursery, thinking I was knocking something out on the list, but it was not on the list. So the entire time I was thinking the list would be shortened to 7, but it was all for nothing. Dang it!