It sounded like something really stupid but it actually turned into something really fun. I’m talking about the Rock Paper Scissors tournament that I had at my bar. It was a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity. The thing about this was, there was a very high percentage for something to go wrong. Why? Because I was in charge of putting it all together. And when I am the one putting something together, Look out. It’s almost certain that I’m going to forget something, overlook something, or something like that. But almost 200 people rockwinnershowed up and they seemed to all have fun. This guy gave me the idea and when all of the Tornados hit, I thought this would be a great chance to give back. My goal was to raise $10,000 and even though we only raised about $8000, it was still one of the more fun things that I have ever put together. People were very receptive to it. And you should have seen the girl that won the trophy…she went nuts as she held the trophy up. She did one of the most awesome victory dances ever.

The rest of the weekend was spent with Doctor girlfriend. She had one of her rare weekends off. We went out to eat on Saturday night with my best friend, Kirk and his wife, on Saturday night and it was one of those laugh all night events. And why did Kirk bust out with the question, “how long should you date a person before he proposes?” Kirk, dude, you are in direct violation of the homeboy rule #325 right there. Other than that, it was a great night. But the walk of shame back to my apartment the next morning was a wet one. Then I got hit on by two BIIIIG Girls in a small car. It was a 2 seater and it was 7am. They pulled up next to me and asked if I needed a ride??? Dude, these two girls could not have fit a baby in the car with them much less a 225 pound man. I told them thanks but I was leaving my girl friends house and only walking 5 more blocks. Then as I continued to walk, it started pouring. Should have squeezed in with the big girls!