J-Si’s Blog: Is that my “welcome to your 30s” moment?
J-Si’s Blog: Is that my “welcome to your 30s” moment?

I would say that our Easter weekend was a pretty good one, except for the fact that I was stuck on the couch the entire time because I was immobile. Yup, Kinsey and Cason enjoyed Easter egg hunts, and picnics, while I sat at home on the couch with an ice pack enjoying my free HBO weekend preview. I definitely watched about 4 movies yesterday, including Space Jam. Yup, that is true.

So what the heck happened? Our friend happens to be a professional chef, and invited us over for dinner, along with my sister in law and her boyfriend. When I say this guy is a pro chef, I mean it. He has worked for some prestigious families, so I was super excited to eat his food. We had some lamb chops, if you were wondering. The food was outstanding! His wife happens to be a yoga instructor, and while he was cooking, I happened to have mentioned that I really want to learn to do a handstand. Bad idea. She looked at me and said, “oh, we can do that… no problem.” Next thing I know, I am removing everything from my pockets, and taking my shoes off. Seconds later, she is assisting me with standing on my hands. I am not in tune with balancing my entire weight on my arms. She is telling me to hollow out my stomach, and to look straight ahead. Basically, she is giving me directions to not hurt myself. I, on the other hand, thought I had everything under control, and could not follow directions very well. Why? Because it felt funny to follow directions. I felt something in my back pull a bit. So I exited the handstand. She then told me that I had it, and should do it again. A normal person would tell her that I felt something funny happen in my back, but I am a guy, and my pride/ego did not allow me to do that. So I did it again, and felt that pull even more. We ended up leaving shortly after dinner, to relieve the babysitter. By the end of dinner I could barely get into the car. By Sunday morning, I was immobile. I barely slept, because every time I moved, my back shot up with pain. I have never had a back injury like this one. Kinsey says that this is my “welcome to your 30s” present from my body. My back feels a little bit better today, but I definitely lost about 50% of my flexibility, for the time being.

I know what you are saying: “J-Si, you could have at least showed up at the Easter Egg hunt!” I could have, and was planning on it, before Kinsey and I had an incident. See, she was being a great wife and was trying to massage my back, to see if she could work whatever had happened back there out. Then, she remembered she had some sort of icy hot thing that helps muscle pain. So we made our way to the bathroom and she started applying it. It was a little more slippery than she thought, because this slime stuff slid down my back… all the way down my back, and towards my butt. I don’t know if you have ever put any of this stuff in “no no” land, but it definitely does not feel good. It is a burn that you cannot wash away. It must wear off. Looking back, we should have applied it with me laying down, not with me standing up, wearing only my gym shorts. Yay Easter! haha.

In other news: casonHere is a picture of Cason at the same time last year. Notice how the Easter Bunny grew waaaaay more than Cason? Pretty sure they shot him up with some illegal growth hormone. We may need to have someone test him. (Click pic to enlarge)