Do you want to know how hilarious/cute Psycho Shanon is? This actually made my day yesterday. Kellie invited Shanon out to lunch for her birthday. You would think that would be no big deal, but it was. Shanon was actually pretty nervous to be going to lunch with THE Kellie Rasberry… HOW NERVOUS WAS SHE?!?!?!?! She was so nervous that she created a list of things she could talk to Kellie about. I think the list included Hanson, BSB, and a boob job. ha! I wonder how many subjects they hit, or how Shanon hid the two pages of notes from Kellie.

Yesterday was also my big kick ball debut with Kinsey’s co-workers. Lotta stress when you are the guy who does not work for the company and your wife makes you out to be some sort of kick ball professional. Kinsey “figured” I would be great at this because my “last name is Chavez”, which basically means I “can kick hard.” Kinsey and I did play in a league back home… 11 years ago. Well, I am pleased and proud to announce that I hit a home run! Yay! I felt like the kid who’s parents don’t really pay attention to him at his sporting events, because Kinsey, who could tell me everything everyone else did during the game, definitely missed my home run because she was playing with a puppy. haha. She said she saw me “running in and scoring the touchdown”, which is pretty much impossible to do in kickball, due to how impossible it is to score a touchdown in that sport.

And the bad luck tree in my back yard has been removed! Yay!!! Problem is, that my neighbors are probably not happy because my front yard is full of wood and branches, and it does not look very appealing. In fact, it looks like I built a cheap wood/leaf fence. Its blocking the sidewalk, my driveway, and there are birds building nests in it. I am now THAT guy in the neighborhood. But how awesome is it that my neighbors tree had a branch fall that almost took down our power lines again? Luckily, the branch just brushed past the power line, and fell on top of my basketball hoop… So I won’t be shooting hoops in the near future because the tree decided to dunk and bring the rim down like Shaq. The final score of that game was Tree-2, Me-0. My next house is not allowed to have any trees within a two mile radius!