Sometimes we get struck with a “did that really just happen to me?” day, but the best thing to do is look at the bright side of things. I had to do this this weekend. It was actually a pretty busy weekend for us. We kicked it off with our first Christmas family pictures. We got our modeling on at a park. Cason and I had our button up shirts on, Kinsey had something on as well, I can’t remember what it was, but I remember she looked hot. Then we did a fun shot of us in our house wearing those pajamas with the feet on them. Man, some people sure had a problem with that picture. I love Facebook, but I have grown to hate it sometimes… all it takes is three people to take the air out of any sort of fun you have, if you decide to share it on your page. A fun picture with everyone in matching pajamas, and two dogs gave me these sort of responses from people:

1. It would have been funnier if you did it in front of your “xmas” tree. (Thanks, funny patrol. By the way, it’s not “xmas”… it’s Christmas)

2. The most popular: You need your man card to be taken away. (It takes a real man to do whatever it takes to keep his wife happy and smiling)

3. You guys are trying too hard, that has been done (actually, we didn’t really try, we sat there… and everything has probably been done before in a photo shoot)

The thing is, 95% of the messages I got or were posted on my wall were positive, but we tend to let the negative ones get to us. I do know this, it will make for a great picture to put up in his wedding slide show. Is it bad that I am already planning which pictures to use to embarrass him, in a good way, when he gets older?

This is when I insert the “look at the bright side” spin. Luckily, we took our pictures on Saturday because if we would have waited 24 hours, I may not have been able to take them. Why? Well, Cason must know about my plan to show his lady friends funny pictures of him when he gets older because at about 8:00 am, when I was sound asleep, Kinsey decided to bring Cason in bed with us, like she always does. He usually sits there, watches a lil TV, and then wakes me up via kisses, and cuddling. They are not really kisses, cause he doesn’t know how. He is more of an “open mouth slobber” kissing kind of guy. But, I enjoy my weekend wake up. Not so much on Sunday. He apparently decided to come at me differently because I woke up to a swift headbutt to the mouth. I thought I was being attacked in my sleep when I woke up. Nope! It was just Cason, who was cracking up like no other. He though it was soooooo hilarious. I was ok, until I felt part of my tooth hit my tongue. Oh crap! That was my first thought. Normally, I would be fine. I have broken my teeth before, and you can just get it fixed on Monday or Tuesday. Well, we do the Dish Nation TV show now, and coming in with half a tooth is not the business. So hopefully I can escape with my half tooth today, and get it fixed.

Oh, and here is our wrestling record:

Cason: 1-35 (he should have been DQ’d for that headbutt, but Kinsey let it ride and awarded a win)

J-Si: 43-1 (I had a couple matches verses Kinsey, but those ended due to tickling, because I wouldn’t stop when she asked… so those don’t happen anymore)