The diet is off to a rather slow start. Sure, I know trying to start a diet in the middle of the holiday season was probably a bad idea in the first place. But I just wanted to get a jump on it. So, it’s been 2 weeks and I have lost a grand total of 2 pounds. Some would call that not so great. I prefer to say that “at least I didn’t gain 2.” How’s that for a positive spin?

So, there you go. 2 weeks, 2 pounds. Hopefully the next 2 weeks will get me double that.

The Doctor had a little Holiday get together over the weekend. She and a few friends invited a few friends to Doc’s apartment for finger food and drinks. We had spent most of the day getting ready. Going to get booze, plates, cooking food, (and by cooking, I mean ordering it from The MAT kitchen.) And then it was time to greet the guests…they started trickling in one by one and before you knew it, there were 20-25 people there. Not a bad crowd for a one bedroom Loft apartment. Even a few of my friends were there. She had met them at the company Christmas party and invited them. I was acting as the house bartender making drinks for everyone and holding court like a good bartender would. Especially if you are bartending at your girl’s party, at her house…I gotta be good, right? And I think I was doing a decent job. I popped a few bottles of champagne. I made the toast. People are having a good time. I was telling a few stories: like the time I was dressed as an elf and was sleeping in someone else’s bed and locked out of my house. In fact, I think I was on about my 3rd or 4th story when Psycho Shanon leaned across the counter and whispered, “Orange (something something).” I said, “what?” she leaned in again and said “Orange (something something.)” I’m like, “huh?” she was trying to be discreet. But I didn’t get it. Then I looked to my right and then I figured it out. My ex-girlfriend, Orangelina, was standing 5 feet away…right there in the Doctor’s apartment.

Ok, I have had similar situations where I was at a restaurant and ran into an ex. Maybe at a bar, I will occasionally run into an ex…but I have NEVER been at the house of someone that I was dating and an ex rolled in. AWKWARD!

So, I said hi to her and I asked what she was drinking. I made her a drink. Apparently, she was there with a friend. I noticed the doctor kinda passed by her a time or two but they didn’t really say more than a casual hi. So now, do I say something to the doc or do I just play it off? I mean, there’s probably three people in the room that know the history. That would be me, her and Psycho Shanon. So what are the chances? I mean there really is no harm, no foul. Its not like it was a recent breakup or anything? It’s been over a year. Maybe closer to 2 years. She was right after Sign girl and before honey 1 and 2. So, if I didn’t say anything, it wouldn’t be a big deal. On the other hand, if I don’t say anything, and doc finds out, it would be like I was trying to hide something. And there was nothing to hide. Man, what are the chances this could happen? Out of all of the Christmas Happy Hours going on, this situation happens at the party that I’m bartending. So, what did I decide? I told her. I pulled her to the side and said…”hey, just so you know, I used to date the girl over there. It’s been years but I didn’t want you to hear that from someone else.” She said, ok. Thanks for telling me. And we went on to talk about something else.

Awesome. See guys. Sometimes we don’t have to lie and it still works out. This would have been an excellent time to lie, by omission. But I didn’t. Whew!