I could not get enough of the story about the linebacker from Notre Dame. This entire season we heard that he was fueled by the death of his grandmother and the death of his 22 year old girlfriend… it happened on the same day. Sad, right? Yeah, until a reporter did some digging and found out that the girlfriend was a fabricated. It’s Catfish, college football style! Dude met her on twitter and fell in love… a bit weird, but cool. The article I read points to him as an accomplice. He is denying everything. I just don’t get why one of the best players in the nation would choose to have a twitter relationship, when he could probably have no problem finding a perfectly real girl in person. How do you not look this girl up? A guy he apparently knows pretty well made this up… so how do you not notice that your twitter girlfriend has a weird fake girl voice? It blows my mind.

If Manti is not involved, I feel for him. I still wont get why he decided twitter would be a great place to fall in love, but I would feel for him. If he is involved, he needs to be an actor. The guy fooled me. He inspired me, he seemed sincere, and he genuinely looked heartbroken when talking about her on National Television. Maybe he was using the emotions from losing his grandma. I don’t want to judge. The truth will eventually come out… right, Lance Armstrong?

I used to holler on the internet too, so I see how this could happen. I started talking to a girl when I was 15. When I got my drivers license, she agreed to meet. Well, the girl was definitely not real. It was a girl, but not the girl in the pictures. I could tell she was embarrassed when I walked up. I was personally confused. I even thought it was her older sister. Nope. She was a heavier girl, and told me that guys would never talk to her, unless she pretended to be someone else in the looks department. She was hoping a guy would fall hard for her personality and not her looks. She had a great personality, but when something is based on a lie, it won’t work. I didn’t hate her, or go off on her, but I was slightly disappointed. The main point: I tried to actually meet her! This is before Facebook, MySpace, and before it was easy to find people on the internet. That’s why I am so confused with his story. If it was his idea to drum up attention to win awards and climb up the NFL draft boards… it kind of worked. I smell movie!

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