It’s that time again… Time for American Idol to begin. Once again, we will begin the search for the episode when there is a meltdown on the panel of judges, maybe a full scale blow up between them, maybe the lack of chemistry among them, we will compare the show itself to the other 17 “talent” shows and try to decide which one has made strides and which one is in the toilet, and maybe, just maybe, we might even find a future singer who we will remember for about as long as the final episode lasts. Don’t you guys remember how at first, this show was so much about finding a singer? Not anymore. Now its about who can you get to judge the show and will they emerge as someone we like even more or someone that we will now hate. The judges now judge each other instead of the talent and we, the viewers, judge how they judge. The actual contestants on American idol are an afterthought. But apparently, that’s what we want to see. They keep feeding it to us and we keep eating it up.

“You know who” has said again how much she doesn’t like to be blogged about. So, whatever you do, don’t mention “her”!

It’s a 3-day-weekend on the way and what should I do? I am thinking about going to Playa to check on the bar. If I do go, I will be making this trip alone. “You know who” has to work. Anyway, We have a big anniversary party coming up in May to celebrate 5 years of me owning the Beer Bucket and it will probably be the biggest party that I have ever had down there.

Yes, I am planning on having a “special guest” performer but I don’t want to say who it is just yet. (The contract isn’t signed yet.)Beer bucket But if all goes well, and he doesn’t get arrested before the party, it should be good. I only mention the arrested part because that seems to be the pattern. I book someone to perform and about 2 weeks before the show, they get arrested.