This is an episode of The Cason Files: We have been trying to teach Cason to listen to us. Simple commands go a long way. If you can get a baby to listen to you when you tell him to not do something, you have reached level one. Cason is pretty good at stopping when we tell him to. He will cry sometimes, because he thinks he is in trouble, but he stops. Good!

We have moved on to other commands, like “can you take this to daddy” and “can you give mommy a kiss”. He seems to understand most of the things we ask him to do… but we hit a small bump yesterday. I was in the closet getting ready for bed. I took my shirt off, and since Kinsey was in the laundry room, I gave Cason my shirt and told him to go give it to mommy. He walked out of the closet.cason As he walked past the toilet, he stopped, looked at it, walked towards it, and slammed my shirt into it. It happened so fast that I couldn’t stop him. I couldn’t tell that it was open because the toilet is blocked by a wall. That thing is usually closed, and would have given me enough time to grab him, but not this time. My shirt was dunked into a toilet… Cason left it there, walked to the bed, and threw his hands up (that means he wants to go up there). I stood there in a bit of shock, walked to Cason and put him on the bed, where he cuddled up and started watching TV. What did I do? I laid next to him, and told Kinsey to come look at the surprise 🙂 We, eventually, got it out using a trash bag, and took it to the trash. At least I have been on a Target kick, and the shirts are not too crazy expensive. Good times!