J-Si’s Blog: My lil sis in law is all grown up!
J-Si’s Blog: My lil sis in law is all grown up!

It was one of those weekends where everything seemed to just stop… in Kinsey’s world. haha. This was Valentine’s Day weekend. Or, the five year anniversary of my engagement, as Kinsey liked to call it. What did we do? Just a nice family dinner, and we did not end up going to Chuck E Cheese. We went to a for reals restaurant, but the main question is: is it ok if I am disappointed that I didn’t get anything? I know we went over that study on Friday about “really being in love”, and I was honestly not expecting anything in terms of a gift, but I didn’t even get a card or a little note. I decided to just come to the conclusion that she is really busy with the little ones, and the house. To make matters a lil worse, Kinsey kept checking her phone because her sister was going to dinner with her boyfriend, and she had some weird feeling that this may be the day he popped the question. I told her everyone is going to dinner with their boyfriend, because it’s
Valentines, and that he probably wouldn’t do it because it would be too obvious.

I was correct.

engaged-on-Valentines-dayOn Saturday we are sitting on the couch, Cason is using me as a jungle gym, and Kinsey says her sister was on her way to drop something off. A couple of minutes later she showed up… with her boyfriend. He usually doesn’t show up with her when she’s dropping stuff off, but I figured they had gone to brunch. I was correct about that. They had gone to brunch, indeed. As she walked in she threw her left hand up, Kinsey started jumping around in circles with her sister, which caused Cason to start jumping around and screaming, which caused Chloe to start crying. Her boyfriend had just popped the question! I can honestly say that Kinsey was much more excited about her sister’s engagement, compared to ours. When I mean she got super excited, I mean she got super excited: tears, screaming, constantly talking about it. She is prepared for the bachelorette party, and planning the wedding, and going dress shopping. It is so bad, that I told Kinsey that she needs to tone it down just a lil bit. She spent the entire day calling and talking to her friends about the wedding, she planned an engagement toast for Sunday, and then spent half the day shopping for things for their toast.

They don’t even have a date set! haha. So for the next year or so… or until my sister in law gets married, it looks like I will be dealing with maid of honorzilla.