Well, I am back from my San Diego. My sister is an official adult, who has that valuable high school diploma. I got to see my grandfather, my parents, and my buddy, Frank (it was too short of a trip to see anyone else). We did the Mexican thing, which includes: staying up all night, talking, playing guitar, and singing. I bet the neighbors were super thrilled to have that beautiful noise exploding from our household. Luckily, no cops were called. I am already looking forward to Friday because missing sleep for two days hurts my feelings. I know. Why didn’t we just sleep during the day. Well, that is because my family from Mexico was in full tourist mode. There was no time to sleep.

Even though I was missing at home, I did leave my mark. In the past, I have let you know that I am pretty awesome at embarrassing Kinsey when we have babysitters. Well, that does not stop if I am out of town. I can find a way to make that happen at any time. On Friday, Kinsey had to go do some shopping for her website, so she hired Kellie Rasberry’s step daughter. Recently, Kinsey has decided to put a whiteboard on jsi-bendthe fridge with the title: “Honey do List”. On that thing, she has a list of things that she wants me to take care of around the house. I, being a prankster, tend to add to that list. Since Kinsey never looks at it, unless she is writing on it, it takes a while for some of the jokes to kick in. For instance, on Thursday night there were 4 things on the list. I thought it needed a couple additional items. By the way, I can even make it look like she wrote it, so it makes my jokes even funnier… to me. I wrote down, “#5- have tons of sexy time with Jose”, and “#6- strip for Kinsey before bed”. Harmless, right?!?!? Apparently, Kinsey did not catch that when the babysitter came over, and as they stood in the kitchen, going over the Cason rules, the babysitter started looking at the list… and that is when Kinsey noticed what I had written. She apparently turned bright red with embarrassment. The J-Sizzle strikes again. I win! 🙂