I can’t believe I’m about to admit this out loud….or to my keyboard….I decided to lie down for a nap before lunch on Friday and woke up five hours later. So I ate a bowl full of granola cereal, piddled around the house for a bit, and then decided I was still sleepy. So I lay back down — I think it was 6pm by that point — and finally woke up at 7:30 Saturday morning.

So I basically slept away a whole day from my weekend — not that I missed anything anyway. It’s not like I slept through some exciting adventure or blew off a date. Nope! Emma Kelly was with her dad and my dogs’ food bowls were filled. There was absolutely NOTHING keeping me from hibernating for as long as I did. In fact, there’s really no good reason to be awake at this very minute. I still feel so tired that I’m tempted to go lay back down. I won’t, though. Because I think the reason behind feeling this way might not be that I didn’t get enough sleep during the week. I think I might be depressed.

I just booked my vacation to go back home to SC this summer. My parents moved to southcarolinaDallas a couple years ago, and since the obligatory visit to see them wasn’t necessary, I let the years slip by without making a trip that way. Ever since my parents moved here, they’ve had their house in SC on the market. For over two years, it’s just been sitting there, waiting to welcome me back whenever I needed to go HOME. Even though I’ve been in Texas for 19 years now, South Carolina is still HOME.

So the plan was for me and Emma Kelly to go back to SC and visit with my best friend since fifth grade, Tomi Jean, and her family. Then we’d hang out with my aunt and my cousin and my umpteen second and third cousins. Then we’d head down to the beach to stay at Mama and Daddy’s house there. But those plans have changed now. After two years, somebody finally bought my parents’ house. So now, it’s like I really don’t have a home to go home to anymore.

And it feels like my last remaining connection to HOME has been severed. I’ll always have friends and relatives to stay with, but now I’ll always be somebody’s company. I can’t just curl up on the couch and commandeer the television any more. And I can’t just wander around the house wearing little more than a t-shirt. I can’t just open up the refrigerator or sniff around the pantry. I can’t just flop around and be completely, comfortably at HOME anymore. And I’m so sad about that.

I didn’t realize I would take it this hard! I’ve got to talk my parents into buying another house there with me!! Right after I take another nap……..