Now I know that I have a backup career, in case this radio and T.V. thing doesn’t work out. I am a huge fan of investigation shows, especially First 48, so I felt proud when I was able to solve the mystery at my house that has been plaguing us for a couple of days… and by plaguing “us”, I mean “me”, because Kinsey did not really care about my keys and computer bag’s disappearance. One man cared and that man was me. I came up empty the first few attempts, but yesterday I was victorious.

I am using the term victorious very loosely. Cason was the suspected key and bag thief. He doesn’t know what stealing is, so I guess he can’t really be a thief, but I brought him in for questioning. Unfortunately, his lips were sealed but he did stay seated the entire time and would shake his head and say “no” when I asked him questions. We were actually just playing in his room and I was trying to get him to play his little guitar. He got up, walked towards his toy box, grabbed a tube that contains a bunch of little animals that he plays with and handed it to me. I didn’t feel like playing jungle at that moment but I noticed that the tube made a funny noise…yup, he had put my keys in that tube and I completely missed it during my extensive search of his toy box the day before. Mystery #1 solved. He turned himself in.

A few minutes later, we were playing outside, kicking the ball, ringing the doorbell on his little house that he has… casonplayingall of a sudden he starts running through the backyard, goes to the side of the house, where we have that thin strip of grass that you never go look at because you cant really fit anything there, and guess what was laying on the ground, halfway down the grass runway? My freaking laptop bag. Homeboy took it outside, went around the house, placed it there, and then snuck back without giving us any idea he had jacked my laptop bag. Well played, Cason.

To pay him back, I hid all his diapers. I win. 🙂

Note: I was kidding about hiding his diapers… I actually hid his food and juice from him, and by hiding, I mean I ate it and drank it. Super win.