Bunch of action yesterday. We started our Kidd’s Kids reveal, which was one of the most beautiful ones I have ever been a part of. One of the nurses, Jillian, who has helped us on the trip, and who has donated for years, was awarded with a trip on this year’s Kidd’s Kids trip. She has a lil girl who has a form of cancer that tends to get pretty scary. She’s doing well right, and is healthy enough to go on the trip. Talk about some tears. Just goes to show you how unexpected life can be. One day you are helping kids with disabilities and illnesses on the trip, and the next, you could be fighting for your very own. Jillian is one of those people, like the rest of the staff, that brings a smile to your face. She absolutely deserves to enjoy the trip with her daughter, and rest of the family, without having to work.

copcarAfter that emotional meeting, I headed home for a lil bit before heading back to do a lil movie work. I am already thinking about Jillian, and her daughter, and how unexpected life can be… and then I see a police car outside my house as I am pulling up. My heart started pounding, because I had no idea what was happening. As I park, I see the police officer walking out of my home, he smiled, got in his car and took off. Now, I was confused. I walked into the house, and Cason was running around laughing, and Kinsey seemed normal. At least I knew nothing bad had really happened. So what had happened was that Kinsey came home from the doctor’s office. She unlocked the front door, let Cason out of his seat and let him walk into the house on his own, as she was grabbing Chloe. During this time, Cason grabbed the keys that were still inside the lock, found a cool little red button on the ADT fob, and pushed it. That little red button is the panic button, that should only be pressed during a real emergency. The police department got a stress call, and dispatched an officer to my house. Yay, Cason! In his defense, it has been a while since he pushed a button he was not supposed to push. Pretty sure I will be receiving some sort of bill for what happened yesterday.

My day was not done though, I went off to do a lil work and learn my first ever fight scene. Here is what I learned:

1. I suck at Tae Kwon Do

2. I am not flexible enough to look cool while kicking.

3. I would definitely get my butt handed to me by the 60 year old Mexican man, who is the master at the studio.

This gentleman asked me to try to punch him… for reals. He said when I turn you around, you just try to hit me in the face. He is about 5’7, and about 150 lbs. After a few minutes of talking me into actually trying to punch him, I finally gave in. He was so fast, that he would be able to grab my hand, knee me in the stomach, and drop me. Or he would flip me over his shoulder. Or he would drop to the ground and do some scissor thing that took my legs out. Basically, I have learned that I will never get into it with an old dude, because they may be a master Tae Kwon Do ninja.