There are a few things that make me “may throw up” nervous: before football games in high school, my first day of work here, skydiving, the chance to interview Eminem… we all have our own little list. In fact, some of us have actually turned that into a “definitely threw up” situation. It’s normal. We can’t control how our body and mind react to certain situations. Welcome to my world today. What has me so nervous? Going to Mexico City? Nope, I actually don’t get very scared when I go down there, that’s were I was born, and I find it to be relatively safe due to the fact that I don’t really hang out with cartel guys. Leaving my new house for the week? Nope, because my sister-in-law will be going there every day to check on the dogs and hang out for a bit. Does it have to do with Cason? Yup. This is our first time flying with him since he was 3 months old. Back then, he was an easy guy to work with. He just sat there, and if he cried, we gave him food. Simple.

Let’s fast forward 8 months. Since then, Cason has developed his lil personality. He’s actually a good lil guy, but there is one thing that may get in the way of a comfortable flight… he. can’t. sit. still! There is not a moment that goes by during the day that he is not crawling somewhere, or exploring, or trying to walk along the walls. There is one thing he does not do: sit in one spot for more than 5 minutes. When we do try to get him to sit in one spot… he cries, unless he has some food and is sitting in his high chair, but even that lasts about 20 minutes. Yeah, this flight will be about 4 hours. Soooooo, that’s going to be fun. How in the world are we going to entertain a baby who likes to explore? Feel free to drop me some tips on my Facebook 🙂

On another note… pretty sure there are some college dudes that live on my street that have a sales force going. Unfortunately, I think they are selling stuff that the police would not be really into due to the illegalness of it. You may be wondering if I was doing some crazy spying the last few days. Nope. About 5 dudes, hanging out on the front porch of a house, who get weird when cars drive up or by, and have one guy take a walk around the corner about 3-4 times an hour. Maybe they are really into fitness and go on 2 minute walks from time to time. The drug dealer who is “putting himself through college” may be the equivalent to the dancer “putting herself through college”… except one is against the law. Good thing is that if they are dealers, they won’t live there for much longer because they have to be on the move continuously, unless they are dumb. In that case, they wont live there much longer too, because the police will catch on. Man, I sure do learn a lot about drug dealers through movies and TV shows.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Wish me luck getting tons of candy after we break our piñata!