It was a bittersweet day yesterday. On the bright side, we had everyone get together on a school night for a couple of hours, which rarely happens. On the sad side, it was to say goodbye to one of our favorite people to work with. Our do it all HR superstar, Carolyn, is moving to Colorado to be close to her son and grandson. I feel a bit selfish because she was my work mom. We all have one of those, right? A work mom helps guide you with work stuff, but if you live far away from your family, like I do, she is there to give you life advice. This was my relationship with her. She even had that sixth sense, where she can tell you are not yourself. I actually pride myself in being able to mask my emotions. If I am really down, I tend to be able to go through the day with a smile on my face… but she would always be able to call me out on it, call me in her office, and let me vent. I got marriage advice, work advice, friend advice, baby advice… everything. Plus, she has an incredibly contagious laugh. You have not lived until you have heard this woman laugh. Clearly, I am not the only person who feels this way about this woman, because we filled up an entire patio at a restaurant to say goodbye to her. People who worked with her 20 years ago came out. How cool is that! I may have only gotten to work with her for a lil over 6 years, but she definitely made an impact on my life.

You know who I got to meet at the party? Dr. Girlfriend. Let me just say that Mr. Big Al Mack has done a great job finding a cool, good looking, intelligent girl… well played sir!!! Having your buddies approve of your choice is a huge deal with guys, and he gets the thumbs up from this buddy. If they can make it past the Christmas party on Saturday, this could turn into a long relationship. What is happening at the Christmas party? Well, you will have to wait and see what will go down when we get back on Monday 🙂 Yes, that is what we like to call a “tease”. Yay!