J-Si’s Blog: Old people say the darnedest things
J-Si’s Blog: Old people say the darnedest things

You know what I really love? Comedic things that happen organically. Sure, I am super into watching funny YouTube skits, or Tosh.0, or Family Guy, or reality TV. You know, scripted comedy. But for some reason, things that happen before my eyes tend to make my week! This was the case yesterday. It’s that one moment that takes about 10 seconds to unfold, but you end up talking about it for weeks. Like when your friend walks into the sliding glass door, or when you teach a kid to say truck… and it sounds like another funny word that kids should not say.

So there I am, standing in line to grab a delicious salad. I am not at a fast food place. In fact, I am in one of those market type places that I probably have no business being at because a salad tends to cost 10 dollars, and a sandwich that looks just like the one I can make at my house is 7 dollars. That kind of place. But, I was hungry, and I drove by it… so I went inside and my week was made. I was standing behind a lady, who I would say is in her late 70s or early 80s. She had what I presume to be her grandkid, or maybe great grandkid, who I would say was about 8. The old lady received a text. How do I know it? Because she had once of those loud ringtones that last about 30 seconds… just for a text. oldladyShe received one, wrote something back, put it back in her purse. As she pulled her hand out… bam! Another text. I think her ringtone was something hilarious like Yankee Doodle. She pulls the phone out, after lending my ears a nice GD statement. She looked at her phone, and a perplexed look took over her face. She looked around, as if the store would be able to answer whatever question she may have. It didn’t. She looked down at the young boy and said, “now, what does ‘swamp butt’ mean?!” You would be proud of me, for I did not laugh. I did let out a nice half choke, half laugh because what she said was so unexpected. The little boy, without skipping a beat, in front of the line of about 4 of us, looked up at his grandma and told her what it meant. She then told him to never say that again because it was disgusting. This brought two questions up:

1. Who was that old lady talking to, and why did “swamp butt” come up?

2. How come old people get mad at you for answering something they asked you?

Good times!