J-Si’s Blog: So much stuff, so little time…
J-Si’s Blog: So much stuff, so little time…

I would classify this vacation as uneventful, but eventful. I know, they contradict each other. Vacation started with Kinsey and Cason attending a K-Ras party… where Cason decided that he would take a marker to Emma Kelly’s playroom, and all of her toys. The walls, the American Dolls, the doll houses, books… if it had a surface, Cason drew on it. EMBARRASSING! I thought that was only supposed to happen at our house. I didn’t think he would go all Justin Bieber on it, and tag every thing up. Luckily, Kellie was not super upset, and if she was, she hid it well. Plus, I let her borrow my power drill, and her dad told me that she owes me big time.

rib-x-rayThen things went south some more. The best decision we made, was not to travel. Why? Because about three days in, Kinsey popped a rib out of place. How? We don’t know. She just had a pain in her neck. I personally thought she was just trying to get me to feel bad for her, and that she was playing it up. She went to the doctor, and found out the news. Yay! This meant Kinsey had to go see a chiropractor two times a day sometimes. Those guys charge a lot of money, and I got to be at home with the kids for up to 5 hours on the two a days. The doctor said it may take a while for this to get better, but I think he is just trying to get some extra cash.

To make matters worse, Kinsey was feeling so bad, that she could not attend the New Year’s eve party I was asked to host. Sad times. It was my first time working on New Years in a while, and I thought it would have been a good thing for us to get away and have some fun. So I ended up going alone… kinda. At the last second, I got my buddy, Austin, to come with me. So there we are. Two dudes sitting at a table, on the stage, next to the DJ Booth, while every other table had 10-15 people and they danced the night away. Yeah, we kind of looked like dorks. My sister in law and her boyfriend, along with some friends met up with us close to midnight. I kept it pretty calm, due to having to help out with the kids the next day, but Austin had fun. So much fun, that I lost him sometime during the night. I was going on the mic, and meeting people, making sure the boss of the party was content. Finally, around 2 am I had to go home. His phone was not on, and I needed to get home.

I got home, got in bed, and went to sleep. At 4 am, Kinsey wakes me up, saying someone was trying to break into our house. They were messing with the patio door to our room. There was a soft knock, so I grabbed the pellet gun Kinsey bought me for Christmas, I didn’t shoot my eye out yet. So Kinsey yells, were going to shoot! The person took off running, and climbed back over the fence… then we heard the knock on the front door. It was Austin. He didnt want to wake up the kids, so he was trying to be quiet while getting our attention. That doesn’t work. We have a dog. He barks. All the kids were woken up. Kinsey was going off on him mom style, which made us both laugh a little, cause we’re the kids that got in trouble. He ended up getting lost, and had fallen asleep in a room in the back of the venue… I know. Weird. So now, I am grounded from having sleep overs.

Also, been getting asked about my New Years Resolution… I don’t do that. Everyone breaks it. I like coming up with something that I can learn. Doesn’t have to be a big thing. I have done the learning the guitar thing. That one has stuck the longest. This year… I want to learn to do the splits. I don’t know why. I just do. I saw a vine that had a guy doing the splits to the beginning of “Look At Me Now” by Chris Brown, and I decided that would something cool to be able to do. So I just have to figure out if there is a machine I need. Or if there is a stretching schedule. Or if it is even possible for my body to do this. I can barely touch my toes now. Wish me luck.