Kellie’s Blog: It’s Britney, b****.
Kellie’s Blog: It’s Britney, b****.

And FINALLY, life kicks back into gear and we get to go back to work on Monday! Not that I didn’t enjoy every minute of checking out for the past two weeks.

Of course, I have to brag a little bit about being there for the opening night of Britney Spears’ Las Vegas show — thank you again, Big Al! The trip out there was less than perfect, and a word to future travelers — do whatever you can to avoid a 2-hour layover in Phoenix. But other than that, my friend Amy and I got into Vegas and — despite my efforts to lie down — she made me go play blackjack. I was actually up a couple hundred bucks before we walked away. (And if I would’ve stayed away, I would still have that $200. Oh well!) And then we went by the Britney Spears souvenir shop and I departed with $45 of my winnings on an over-priced but cute Britney tee. And then, I loaded up on a burger the size of my head (and Kidd would say there, “Daaaaaamn…..that must’ve been a big burger because you’ve got a HUUUUUUGE head!”) But then — despite a second round of efforts to lie down — Amy made me get dressed up and go to the red carpet/VIP party area where we hung out for a couple hours feeling less-than-VIP. But then I saw Robin Leach and Holly Madison were loitering with the likes of us and that made me feel a bit better about it.

britney-opening-nightFinally, our waiting around paid off! We saw Katy Perry rush by with an entourage of about 20 people who looked like they were floating on air because — OMG, we’re friends with Katy Perry!! But she was acting super weird. She huddled with her buddies at the red carpet entrance for a couple minutes and then they all burst down the carpet about half-way, stood there for a second, and then went back the way they came. (Later, gossip sites were saying she just stood there during Britney’s show and wasn’t really into it. I don’t know what was going on….)

Miley Cyrus rushed by us, as well, with her itty-bitties poking thru her belly-baring shirt that kept riding up in an effort to expose her assets. Unlike Katy, she did the full red carpet and without a bunch of hangers-on. And then she was gone. (But if you saw any clips of the show, she was DIGGING her some Britney!)

Rumors were that Kellen Lutz was going to do the red carpet. He didn’t show. (Although he was at the opening night of Beacher’s Madhouse with Miley later that night.) Rumors were that Adam Lambert was going to do the red carpet. He didn’t show. (But Amy swears she saw him in first class on our plane.) Mario Lopez DID do the red carpet. And I do believe you could literally fall into that man’s dimples, if you should trip close to his face, that is…(Britney ended up bringing him up on stage for some very tame S&M action.)

And that was it for the red carpet! We got a half-hearted effort by Katy with her happy-to-be-there cling-ons…Miley with her nips…and Mario with his dimples. And that was what we stood around for two hours to see.

Then we rushed to get inside the arena, but not before we grabbed our over-priced cocktails — doubles, please! Go big or go home, right? And then I stood there and watched my Britney like a proud mama watching her baby do good. Here’s the thing — if you love Britney, you’ll love the show. Yes, she lip-synchs the entire thing (although you will question a couple of times, “Is THAT live? Nah….”) But anyone who complains about Britney lip-synching at this point is just an idiot because when you go see Britney, you just know that’s part of the deal. However, she danced her little heart out. No, she’s not the same Britney from the MTV Awards who ripped off her jacket and tie and then dazzled us in her nude body suit, but she’s also not the same Britney who sleep-walked her way through the Circus tour. Her sets are beautiful…her dancers were incredible…the songs Britney chose were all fun and the little tweaks she made were just enough to keep it interesting for her and make it recognizable and sing-alongable for us.

And then — basking in my Britney afterglow — I went back to the same blackjack table and lost the $200 I’d won from earlier in the night. And then, Amy finally let me go to bed.

Would I like to go back for my birthday in April? Yes! Would I like to spring for the VIP experience? I’m not sure…..Maybe? But I definitely wouldn’t go for the DELUXE VIP package. Again, if you’ve read what the gossip sites are saying, for $2500, fans aren’t allowed to touch Britney unless she touches them first and they only get about 3 seconds with her for a quick photo. But you do get some Britney merchandise! I just wonder if that includes the same $45 tee shirt?