Pretty sure I am about to turn into a zombie. They don’t sleep, right? I believe, unless something nuttier than squirrel poo happens, that Kinsey will be discharged from the hospital today. May sound like awesome news, but we have to remember that she had a pretty legit surgery to get that 10 lb bundle of girliness out of her belly. This means that we will have no more help from nurses. We still don’t have the logistics down of how things are going to work once we are back in the house. Pretty sure that taking care of Cason and Chloe at the same time, while recovering, is going to be near impossible. I would like to say that we can cross that path once we get to it… but I am pretty sure we are at that path.

Wanna test the strength of your marriage? Try to take care of a newborn. haha. Every bit of your patience will be tested, mostly because both parties are basically living without much sleep, and I don’t know about you, but lack of sleep makes me cranky sometimes.

footballYou know what the cool thing about having a newborn at home will be? The fact that I am already committed to not sleeping, so I can actually watch the entire first NFL game of the season tonight, and not worry about going to sleep early, and since we wont be in the hospital, I will actually be able to watch TV for the first time this week… I think.

Which brings me to the only complaint I have about the hospital, that I can remember, probably due to the fact that it actually bugged me quite a bit. The TV in the room is cool, but the remote only allows you to change the channel moving forwards. It does not let you go backwards. What’s the deal with that? They have all this high tech stuff in the hospital, but they cant get a remote that lets you go back? For reals?! You have to click past 40 something channels if you accidentally pass a show you wanted to watch. It frustrated Kinsey, so it frustrated me… ok, it actually frustrated me more because I was not drugged up, and could actually focus on the screen. So if hospitals could fix this by the time I have to go to a hospital again, that would be great.

You know what else is about to make things a lil crazy? The fact that I start filming, the movie I agreed to do, on Monday. You know when you get asked to do something, and its some time away from happening, but you think you totally “got this”… and then the time comes and you realize that maybe you “don’t got this”? I just keep telling myself that it is only 15 days. I can do it. If Kidd can be “NSK” (no sleep Kidd) for a month straight, I can be “NSJ” for two lil weeks. I get to go in on Friday for a few and meet the people I will be working with and get the ball rolling. I am nervous as can be… mostly because I will be acting with real actors, who have actually done this. Only acting I do is when I am watching TV and I want to see if I can deliver a line as well as the actors in commercials, or on Breaking Bad. Yes, I actually do that. I don’t know why I do it, I just do.