I have officially completed my acting duty. Ha! I said duty! Over the weekend we wrapped up filming! It is a bittersweet. On one hand, I really had tons of fun, but on the other hand… it was a lil more rigorous than I thought. There is a lot of sitting around and waiting. Mostly because of lighting, camera angles, and other stuff I tried to learn about, but already forgot. This could also be the last time I get asked to do this, if I sucked super bad. I don’t think I sucked super bad… this is what gets me super nervous. It’s the whole being in the dark thing. You usually can get the “did I suck?” question answered pretty quickly when you do something. With this, you don’t know, until you see the final product.

mud-snow-angelLike this weekend, the “did I suck as a parent?” question was answered instantly. It was yes, by the way. I took Cason to a field to go kick the soccer ball around, and get his energy out. Well, he didn’t feel like joining in on kicking the ball. In fact, he wanted to watch me kick it as far as I could and then I had to go get it. He loved that. When I chased after the ball one of those times, he found a nice lil stream of water in the grassy area. It was weird because the rest of the field was really dry. But, he found the water, and started stomping, jumping, and laughing on it. By the time I got to him, it was too late. His shoes and pants were wet, so I let him play in it. Then, he fell… and started rolling around in it. He was having a blast. Then I started wondering where the water had come from. Why is the field dry, and why is there just water in this area. I followed this stream of water, around a wall, about 30 yards away. Guess where this water was coming from? The 8 porta potties that were lined up for some construction workers. I yelled, “oh s***!” and ran as fast as I could towards Cason, not that it mattered. I picked him up as gingerly as possible, like he was some sort of hazardous material. I loaded him into his plastic push car, tied his hands up by pulling the sleeves over the hands and tying the shirt, and tried to get home as soon as possible. I threw him into the shower, and washed him off as best as I could. I had to do this before Kinsey got home with Chloe, because I didn’t want to get in trouble for letting my son play in septic water. So when Kinsey got home, we were sitting on the couch eating gold fish crackers and watching football. She asked how it went, and I just said, “all good!”

I suck. Lesson learned. No more playing in random streams of water.