Believe it or not, we have done a lot of things we would not want to admit… the good news is: we probably did a lot of these things when we were babies. You know you would not paint stick figures on the walls in your house. You wouldn’t pee on a family member on purpose… when sober. You also would probably not do what I caught Cason doing yesterday.

Since he is a lil walking machine, he tends to slip away and get into things here and there. So far, it’s not too bad. He usually will walk over to his room and sit on his floor while he looks at the pictures in his books, unless those books have paper pages. Those books get ripped up. If he is not in his room, he is in our closet playing with my shoes and doing circles while standing up. He likes to do circles, get dizzy, fall down, and laugh. He only does that if there is carpet beneath him, and our closet has that. Well, yesterday, I was in the kitchen putting a lil meal together for him. I noticed him walk by the kitchen, and figured he was going to his room. I finished getting his things together and was about to put him in his high chair. So I started walking towards his room. Kinsey was in the guest bedroom, cleaning up some boxes from the move. As I walked past the guest bathroom, I heard something odd. I looked to the right and there’s Cason, standing over the toilet, holding the cover up with his left hand, and splashing water around with his right hand. He was wearing a lil jacket, and it was wet up to the elbow. Did I freak out a lil bit? Yeah, I may have screamed, “Cason! What are you doing?!” He let go of the toilet seat cover, which is one of those cool ones that doesn’t slam, and put both hands up to his face. I guess he was trying to hide. As I started walking to him, he started crying. So, this means he knows it’s a bad thing now, right? At least I know I can count on Cason to reach in there if I drop anything in the toilet.


Luckily, people on Facebook made me feel much better, because every baby has apparently done this… and worse. So I was actually scared a lil bit with what may come.

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