We had a good run… made it 8 months before Cason got sick. It was bound to happen… Don’t wanna hear it super parents. We all know your kid never got sick until they went off to college. haha. We thought that Cason had an ear infection. He had all the symptoms… including my favorite one: out of the blue screaming fits. Cason was taken to the doctor today… and even our doctor expected to see some infection nation up in that ear, but guess what? He said his ears looked fine. In fact, he said they look amazing. Personally, I will never use the word “amazing” when describing anybody’s ear. Cason ended up having a cold. So our 8 month non sickness streak ended for sure. His screaming is apparently due to two teeth breaking through the gums up top. Kinsey said she heard it feels like bones breaking. I did not know she was able to speak to babies and ask them. She did not appreciate that awesome joke. It’s ok, I have PMS too: PreMeditated Stupidity 🙂

Big news: we are playing the real estate game, and it’s fun. Technically, I have done nothing… except take our real estate agent’s advice. But, I do feel like a big shot. They came back with a counter offer. Could it have been accepted? Yeah, but you have to play the game. If you take the first offer that comes your way, you will have to listen to your best friend brag about how great of a deal he got on his house. Don’t we all want to be that person? Getting the best deal on a house is a huge achievement. So we placed another counter offer. Tomorrow will probably be the deciding day. The final number has been placed on this end. So if this one is turned down, we may have to go with plan number 2: Move into Kidd’s house. That way we can watch VH1 Divas concerts, and NFL games all the time.