Kellie’s Blog: Kidd has no idea……
Kellie’s Blog: Kidd has no idea……

I’ve got to be more aware of the clock and time my inappropriate comments a bit better. For that 10 to 15-minute drive Emma Kelly takes to school every morning, I should try to steer any and all radio conversations toward positive messages, like saving the environment, voting Republican, or girl power. That way, when I pick up EK from school in the afternoon, the first thing she asks me as she’s buckling herself into her booster seat will be something light-hearted like, “Mommy, how can I reduce my carbon footprint?” instead of, “Mommy, what makes you a great lover?”

Um, yeah. Guess my kid heard me offering to follow Simon Cowell around for two years and then Kidd questioning why the heck Simon would ever be interested in me to which I responded with a braggadocios, “Because I’m a great lover.” And that’s how I found myself in the resulting uncomfortable situation.

“Mommy, what makes you a great lover?”

Quick-thinking me responds with, “Because Mommy loves YOU so great! THAT’S why!” And then I changed the subject and made a really big deal out of this pad of paper I bought for her at the dollar store. That was enough to distract her from any discussion of my great loving — hopefully forever.

The dollar store rocked today, by the way. I got this thing that lets you make an omelet in the microwave, and it was only A DOLLAR. I am serious. And a great lover. But let’s not talk about that right now.

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