Do you know what happens when you have a kid? You get sick more often. That’s the rule. No way around it. I don’t know if it happens when you go to the doctors office and hang out there for an hour an a half, or if it happens at one of the many play dates Kinsey sets up. Cason is sick, Kinsey is sick, and I am feeling the sickness coming in. Tic, tac, toe! Cason had his 9 month checkup yesterday, and everything looks good. They do a lil checklist while you are there, and Cason does everything he should be doing… except this: He does not say “mama” or “dada”. It’s ok, because Cason officially says “ball”! That is his first true word!!! Yay! We have actually been working on it since Friday. He started by saying “bah… ahhl”, and yesterday he finally put those two noises together and created, what I like to call, the best first word for a future NFL player, “ball”. It’s actually pretty cute because he now says “ball” when he sees anything round: heads, balls, fruit… and what embarrassed me at target, Boob. Yup, Cason and I were in line, ready to checkout and he starts pointing and saying “ball, ball, ball.” I look to see what he is pointing at, and it turned out to be a very well endowed lady. She laughed it off, but Cason is officially a pervert. Yay!

We have also lined up our first trip to Mexico City with Cason. The family will finally get to meet the lil monster who points at boobs and says “ball”, on Thanksgiving! Yes, I am ready for the “are you really taking your son down there?” questions. Its fine. I was born there, I lived there, my family lives there… we will be fine, unless Cason got himself involved in some cartel business. So stoked! I am not stoked about flying with him though. He does not like sitting still for more than 10 seconds. So I should actually not be so stoked. haha.