Don’t you love random messages that make you happy? Like when your best friend calls you and tells you they saw your ex from high school, who totally cheated on you, and that they definitely don’t look good. Or when a person you sorta know calls and says they have front row seats at some concert. I got one of those on Facebook. A fellow friend on my page let me know that Iyanla was talking about me during an interview with Oprah on Oprah’s XM channel. She then said, “so Oprah definitely knows who you are!” Validation! Why do we want super successful/famous/rich people to know who we are? Oprah is kind of a big deal… Only Eminem would trump that for me… and LaDainian Tomlinson lives in our area and still remembers this crazy fan of his (yes, I am talking about myself… I was a lil shaky when I met him). That definitely made my day.

Our TV show premiered last night. Yes, I paused the Charger game and watched it. Yes, Kinsey woke up the baby cause she screamed every time they showed our show on there. It’s starting to sink in… my friends back home will get to watch. I will embarrass myself about 3 times a week (I am low balling it there). Sounds like fun times to me!

To make everything even more exciting for me, the Chargers won. I am so excited about everything, that I don’t feel like I could fall asleep any time soon. I really should write the commissioner of the NFL and let him know that playing the Chargers this late is unacceptable. I am totally going to give him the business. Ok, good night. I need to try to sleep some.