Can I just say how amazing it is to go into the Southwest Airlines headquarters?!? I am not kissing their butt because I want a free flight either… but I would totally welcome that idea. Every person there walks around with a smile, they have basketball courts, volleyball courts, and my favorite thing, their cafeteria is probably the best thing that has ever happened to anyone who works there. Talk about a cheap meal! I pay more money for my eggs at the deli down the hall than I would pay for a salmon filet! I fall in love with that place every year I go. Oh yeah, I was there because we did another edition of Pilot for a Day. This year we had Pilots for the first time. We took three kids from this past year’s trip: Jacob and Jared Henry, and Drew Elkin. We had a blast! This year I was not able to do the flight simulator due to being a father and having to pick Cason up. I should have probably just taken him with me, but ain’t nobody got time to change a poopy diaper when they are at Southwest Headquarters having a blast! ha.

And I may have made a mistake yesterday. I watched my favorite awards show, The ESPYs, last night. Of course Kinsey hated it… and of course Drew Brees did not thank me for hooking him up with some awesome towels and a 25% discount at Linens N Things back in 2001 during his speech, but it’s all good. Since Kinsey sat there and complained as much as I complain during The Bachelorette. So in a moment of weakness, I blurted out, “if you stop complaining about The ESPYs, I will take you to see Magic Mike!” I cringed slightly after saying that, hoping she would just let it slip. Her response was a perky, “ok!!! Sound good!” She got up and went into the bedroom to watch TV. I lose. She wins.

Lastly, I had my first baby toy related accident. It happened as we tried to call it a night. I was trying to take some plates to the kitchen. I like to make things fun, so I tried to do it in the dark. I like to test how well I know my home layout. Normally I do a great job… when Cason’s bouncy is not in the way. I stubbed my toy, fell, dropped all the plates, and hurt my wrist. Bonus: Cason also woke up. Don’t worry he went back to sleep quickly. I knew my wrist and toe became the least important things in that story when I mentioned Cason was woken up.