J-Si’s Blog: You Win Some You Lose Some
J-Si’s Blog: You Win Some You Lose Some

I have learned a very valuable lesson… actually, I learned two valuable lessons…

1. Don’t lie to the NFL commissioner. He will put the hammer down.

2. Don’t go out if you have a baby. I know it sounds awesome when you get invited to a really cool basketball game, but its not. People keep telling Kinsey and me that we need “date nights”. You know what? No… no, we dont. The only way I am ever going to go out again is if I get home by 7 pm. That’s it. Kinsey’s boss got me tickets to watch the LA Lakers for my birthday, which is pretty much one of the best presents ever because I have never had the chance to watch Kobe Bryant play. He may be a horrible human being in the real world, but he is pretty BA on the court. Anyways, the game started at 8:30, which is a full hour and a half after Cason’s bed time. We dropped him off at Kinsey’s sister’s house, who was excited to hang out with him. We went to the game, had some drinks (I never drink during the week… or ever for that matter), and picked Cason up (in a cab). The good thing is that Kinsey’s sister lives two blocks away, but I could tell the cab driver was weirded out by the request to pick up a baby at that time. What time did the we manage to get home? 12:30. What time did Cason wake up? 12:30. Do not wake up a baby. He was up for about two hours. Our heads were pounding, we could barely keep our eyes open, and I think I said “I hate life” about 3,234 times. So this whole “make sure you have alone time” stuff is no bueno. Or if you do have alone time, just make sure you decline every single drink offered to you.

I also experienced one of the most awkward interviews I have ever done. I got to interview the band Fun. yesterday. Dont hate on the period, thats how their name goes, and I like that. Thing is that they are a rock band, and I think they are used to being interviewed by music lovers and not the goofy pop morning radio guys. I am the goofy radio guy… and I dont think they got my humor half the time. Thats how it goes sometimes. Sometimes you will hit a home run, and sometimes you whiff. I feel that I whiffed yesterday. I always feel bad when I interview bands and dont get the other members involved. This can lead to the awkward moments because I will force something to involve them. I dont remember what went wrong, but I do remember about 4 awkward moments…

You know what is also awkward? Telling Shanon that you are gonna go with a different babysitter. Yup, we have a wedding this weekend and will be gone overnight. We were gonna have Shanon watch Cason overnight, but Kinsey decided to go with our friend, Dianthe. She has two kids and is used to having children sleep at her house. Also, Shanon’s nickname is “psycho”, and she may or may not live up to that nickname from time to time. I fought for her… not very hard, but I tried, but not really. Good times.