2 black cats ran across my car in the last 24 hours. Does one cancel out the other or is that double bad luck? I’m not really one for superstition, but it seems like that is more than just coincidence. Especially considering it’s below freezing outside. How many black cats are just roaming the streets in this kind of weather? I’m hoping it is all just a random act of cattiness, because I am just kind of over having bad luck. I had about 2 straight years of it, and I ate fortune cookies on the reg in the hopes that I’d finally come across one satisfying enough to get my luck to turn around…and to stop eating fortune cookies.

scarlett-johanson-pregnantWhy is it that women secretly rejoice when a super hot female celebrity gets pregnant? Think about it. Angelina. Megan Fox. Now Scarlett Johansson. I’m not alone in this right? It’s not as much as the whole, “oh yay, hot girls are going to gain weight”, as much as I feel like it makes them considerable less lust-worthy and free-pass worthy to regular boys. I can’t compare to Scarlett Johansson, but pregnant Scarlett? I might be able to win that one:)