I actually felt happy yesterday. How about that? I told myself a month ago that I was giving myself 4 weeks from a particular Saturday to get over something that had been bothering me and I normally don’t put a time limit on grieving, but I did this time in the hopes that I would make it happen. I said to myself, be as sad as you want for 4 weeks, cry, don’t go out if you don’t want to, don’t eat if you don’t want to, sleep all weekend if you want to. So, I have done all of that and I think I am getting better. It’d be nice to get more specific, but I prefer to not throw friends under the bus so I’ll leave it at that. I sometimes feel like I’m too old to be emotional over things. I’m nearly 30 and crying over something that’s not a death. But I suppose some losses do feel like deaths. Maybe I should just thank my doctor for the meds;) I really think getting a SAG membership, as silly as that sounds, made me feel better. It kinda made me go, “oh, ok I work hard and 4 years of this has gone by rather quickly but maybe it’s starting to pay off”. Find the silver lining…FIND the silver lining right?

On a side note, is it normal to read the SI Swimsuit issue and proceed to take selfies in the bathroom mirror? Not that I did that or anything. I just heard about a friend doing something like that;)