What am I supposed to watch on television? I hate the Bachelor and it’s only getting worse. The only shows I love are no longer in season. No Dexter, no Breaking Bad, no Criminal Minds. I need to go back and watch The Following from the beginning. If anyone has seen it can I get a recap maybe? I need to find a new show to get into. I think I am happier when I am passionate about a TV show, because it gives me something to look forward to every week. I watch ESPN at the gym and I think yesterday I saw the same SportsCenter twice. I come home and watch the news, but it’s either depressing or I already know what’s going on because I have been monitoring the news since 3 a.m. So what can I get into? I have both a Mick Jagger and Neil Young biography to finish, but we know that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Cooking shows are out since I hate to cook. Travel shows depress me because I want to go out of town and can’t. Point is, I need something new. I suppose I will get into Honey BooBoo or maybe watch more BET to up my street cred.

I have been in a hardcore rap phase, almost to the point that I think I’m getting judged. asaprockyDuring a bootcamp class this past weekend, we needed some jams to get us going. Of course, everyone was hesitant to put their phone on, since the kind of music one listens to reveals quite a lot, or basically everything you need to know about a person. I enjoy almost all kinds of music, but in an effort to stay away from being all mopey, I have been sticking to straight ghetto rap. I knew I’d be judged, especially when I put on an A$AP Rocky song and the first word is F. Someone goes, “This is what you listen to?!” not in a good way. I thought everyone would be fine with a good beat, but then the only black guy in the class puts on his ipod and the first song is Pink. Everyone has turned pop on me.