Jenna’s Blog: Totally adulting
Jenna’s Blog: Totally adulting

I did some great adulting this weekend. First of all, since I’m still feeling the effects of paying my taxes and having a poor summer, I returned a pair of sneakers because I didn’t really need them and I found and used a gift card to treat my girlfriend to a spa day at a hotel in town. I was very proud of myself, because if you know me, I lose gift cards and don’t return things because of the amount of time it takes to do so.

I did some other productive things, but that starts to get boring as hell to talk about. I don’t know if it’s age or just a phase, but things feel a lot clearer lately. Ever since I started to see just how douchey the bottle service in the club nights are for someone my age, doing alternative things has just been so easy.

The thing is, I always wanted to do alternative things, even when I was at the appropriate age to be in the club. Unless it’s a special occasion, I just have no desire for that kind of thing. Maybe it’s because I’m tired. But I think it’s because I realize environments like that are an escape and so not what I’m looking for anymore. I actually don’t mind lights bright enough to be seen, and music low enough that I can talk to my friends. Maybe I’m a huge dork, but I genuinely like spending quality time with my closest friends and then waking up and having a productive Saturday. Wait, this is totally adulting isn’t it?

I think for a long time it was just kind of assumed that you either have to be in a serious relationship or you should be going out partying every weekend to meet that person. I suppose it’s an element of selfishness that has me doing what I want now, but I really just have been doing whatever I want and I have been totally content with it. Maybe it’s going to dinner with friends, maybe it’s a date, or more often than not just working out and staying in to watch a movie. Warrior with Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton is the best I’ve seen in awhile if you’re looking for something to watch. I know it’s 4 years old, but I just got around to it.

jenna-blog-080315Yes, watching the Ronda Rousey fight got me in the MMA mood. I actually bought the fight because I was not into the idea of going to a crowded bar to watch it, but I have been looking forward to that fight for months. Many girls have Bachelorette viewing parties, but there I go and have a UFC gathering. Taping the reaction of my best girlfriend who has never watched a UFC fight was hilarious. Understandably, she was horrified at the brutality of it all. I just love that a woman can get men excited about sports. 7 undercard fights of men leading into the main event. When in sports does that ever happen? Rousey is such a badass and I love everything about that.