I never used to be one of those lonely types. After finally living with a roommate for the first time since college, I have become so accustomed to the company that I get incredibly lonely when Holly leaves for a trip. This time has been different since she left, because my other girlfriend who is technically homeless has been living with us. The only downside is, she has the West Nile. It hasn’t made her feel too horrible but she did keep me company all day yesterday after work, which was awesome. I forgot what a vampire I am during the day.

I get so run down and often don’t leave my apartment once I get home from work unless it’s to go to the gym or grocery. There are so many days that I have absolutely zero human contact from the time I leave work, until I go to work the next day. The new roommate has actually been working out rather well despite her Nile virus. I’m not quite sure how I don’t have it considering we have shared drinks, lip gloss and a bed for days on end. I suppose that means it’s not contagious at all. Her cat is actually pleasant as well and normally cats freak me out. Last night she went to get medicine and healthy food so we could cook dinner and I went to the gym to try and lose this London weight. I have seriously got to get the eating and drinking thing under control. I never weigh myself, but my underwear is tight so I know something needs to change. I went to the gym later than normal and it was a packed meat market. Attractive girls with full makeup, hot guys minus the cut off tanks and the fact that 50-70 percent don’t like women. I definitely need to start going at the later time though. Lots of attractive people motivated me to run for about an hour and a half. Of course I look like a huge sweaty pig by the time I walk out of there, which is super hot.

I head home to the West Nile headquarters and I pretended to be domesticated and cooked us a healthy dinner. But since both of us have been feeling like there’s a lack of men in our lives, we invited one of our guy friends over for dinner. I love how guys will never pass up a free home cooked meal. We ate, watched some preseason football, I decided I am definitely going to become a fair weather Pats fan. So if anyone can tell me where to get a black on black pats hat, holla at me. Family dinner nights need to start happening more often. We had good conversation, good food, no alcohol and then both my friend and I took some Nyquil and left our guy friend on the couch and went to bed. I’m assuming he left-that must have been awkward. I was so tired I couldn’t keep my eyes open. What do you know, when I woke up this morning he had cleaned the whole kitchen. Maybe this guy is datable?! How unbelievably kind is that? The dinner wasn’t even that good. My fault. I suck at cooking and really all things domesticated. I need to get a grip on that at some point or no one is going to want me. Mission: Girl it up.