Kellie and Jenna wanted to share with listeners a few beauty tips. How can a dryer sheet fix your bad hair day? Find out by listening to the tips below and share your own!


Everyone suddenly started asking me what I’d done to my skin because it was glowing. It was my Smashbox Soft Lights in Shimmer. I sweep it across my cheekbones and up to my hairline. I make one swipe across my brow and down my nose. When you first try it, you might be tempted to go heavy-handed with it because it doesn’t really show up. But this stuff reflects light, which gives you that glow — especially in pictures.
Caudalie Cleansing Water is my favorite makeup remover. It doesn’t sting my eyes or leave that oily coating like other makeup removers. And when my daughter plays with my makeup, it’s gentle enough for her delicate skin and she doesn’t fight me on it.
Getting your color done is expensive! And if your hair grows quickly, you may find yourself sitting in the salon chair once a month. Clairol Root Touch Up ($6-$7 a box) was a lifesaver for me. They have tons of shades so it was easy to find the right match for me. After about 3 weeks, I’ll start noticing grays around my hairline. Clairol Root Touch Up takes just ten minutes and it allows me to put off an expensive 2-hour trip to the salon for another few weeks.
You may not think you need a mascara primer, but that’s because you haven’t tried Cils Booster XL. I’ve tried others, but this one is the best! It makes my eyelashes look fuller and the mascara stays on longer. I’m guilty of going to bed without washing my face from time-to-time and I’ll wake up and my mascara is barely smudged.
The ends of my hair get so dry. I put a quarter-sized amount of Orofluido Elixir into the palm of my hand and work it into the ends of my wet hair before I blow it dry. And it smells WONDERFUL.
When I was in high school, I developed those embarrassing red bumps on the backs of my arms. My Mother Price told me they were soap bumps because I wasn’t rinsing off enough in the shower. I would scrub and rinse my arms to the point of blood shed and those bumps wouldn’t go away. They would come and go over the years, but finally, my daughter said something about it and I thought maybe it was finally time to go to a dermatologist and see if there was anything that could be done. She said it was actually a very common problem called keratosis pillars. And she recommended AmLactin. FINALLY!!! My soap bumps are gone!!


Dry Shampoo – #1 couldn’t live without. Baby powder also works if you have that around.

Dryer Sheets – Rub through hair for static of course, but since I only wash 3 times a week, I run down my hair in parts to freshen and then mist with perfume and blow dry.

Toothbrush – I have an extra one just for grooming. Chapped lips, I exfoliate with dry brush, also put hairspray on it and brush eyebrows and flyaways.

Vitamin E oil mixed in my baby lotion.

A little more expensive life savers:

Botox in armpits

Clarisonic brush changed my life

WATER WATER WATER. I drink 3 liters a day and I NEVER sleep in makeup.