Kellie’s Blog: Back to square one.
Kellie’s Blog: Back to square one.

To be rejected by a 25-year-old. That’s bad, isn’t it. That’s more of a statement than a question, which is why I didn’t end it with a question mark. But to have a 25-year-old basically wear me out by asking me to meet him for lunch or dinner — chaperoned, if necessary…and then to finally agree and have it happen…and then to have an entire week pass and hear nothing from him…I’m part insulted and part not surprised. What do I have to offer a 25-year-old other than cynicism and less-than-firm thighs. Again, not a question. So I’m guessing his curiosity about going out with the much older “Kellie Rasberry” was satisfied while I’m left feeling rejected by a freaking 25-year-old. I shall never travel down this path again. Pinky swear.

And just to pile on, I had a conversation with a woman and it turns out we just so happen to have a mutual ex in common. I can’t even really call him an “ex” because we didn’t date long enough to say we were a couple. But this woman says our mutual ex described me as “bitter and annoying.” Yeah, my feelings were hurt a little bit over that one. And yeah, I wanted to punch her in the teeth because she was intentionally trying to hurt me. And yeah, I wanted to call him up and chew him out for saying such unforgivable things about me. But I had to admit to myself that he had a point.

I tend to be a bit of an over-sharer — which has been FABULOUS for my radio career but not so much so for my love life. And I’m afraid that way too soon in this particular relationship, I over-shared my bitterness from my divorce. What guy wants to hear that? Guys just want to get through awkward dinner conversation while walking that fine line between getting you drunk enough to score but not drunk enough to throw up. So yes, my feelings were hurt. But I also learned a valuable lesson about keeping my mouth shut about my divorce during a date. Oh, I still want to call this guy up and chew his ass for telling this woman and who knows who else that I’m bitter and annoying. I’d rather have people decide that for themselves after meeting me than have their opinions pre-poisoned. But I’m not going to do that. I am going to simultaneously and secretly thank my ex for inadvertently calling this problem to my attention while wishing him a very bad week. Make that two weeks. Two really, really bad weeks.