Kellie’s Blog: I don’t know why I did it…
Kellie’s Blog: I don’t know why I did it…

I don’t know why I did it, but I bought a bikini. I haven’t worn a bikini in public since I was in first grade. I vividly remember the experience. My girlfriend Denise Brown and I put on our bikinis and lay towels down in my driveway. We undid the strings on the backs of our bikini bras — because that’s how Denise’s older sisters did it and we just thought they were IT — and as soon as we lay down on our flat chests and tummies, a couple of neighborhood boys ran over and ripped out tops out from under us. And that was my last time wearing a bikini.

So what got into me all of a sudden? I guess I’ve looked at enough women who had every reason to be ashamed of being seen in a bikini and they didn’t seem to have a problem with it, so I thought, Why not! I don’t know if I’ll be able to get past the feeling that I’m wearing my bra and panties in public, though. I feel so exposed just thinking about it. So perhaps I won’t actually be seen in public wearing my new bikini…Perhaps I’ll only be seen in public wearing a lovely coverup over my new bikini. But at least I got one. On sale, of course. I’m not paying full price for a bikini that will neither see the light of day nor water.

So I kept baby Cason for J-Si and Kinsey Friday night. That cured Emma Kelly of wanting a baby brother or sister in the house REAL quick. She didn’t like not being the center of attention ONE BIT. In fact, she pouted in her room for a good part of the evening. But she finally got over it and started to have fun with him, though. Her goal in life all of Saturday morning was to make that kid laugh, and she succeeded quite a few times.

And after being out of practice for so many years, keeping a 4-month-old for 24 hours pretty much cured me of any stirrings going on in my loins. It’s a lot of work keeping babies entertained between feedings! But goodness gracious……..when Cason wanted that bottle, HE WANTED THAT BOTTLE. I have never heard such a loud-pitched scream coming out of a baby in my life!! If I’d had any presence of mind, I would’ve grabbed the tape recorder to prove how loud it was. But at 3:00 in the morning, I was all about getting that formula mixed and that bottle popped in his mouth as quickly as possible. In fact, there was a moment there that I kinda wished I was lactating because it sure would’ve saved a lot of time.

But Cason survived. And I was happy to have a baby to love and kiss on for a few hours before bundling him up and sending him off with his Aunt Keley. And with a wave goodbye to Cason and EK — Freddie showed up to take her for a visit — I was all alone in my gloriously quiet house. So I put myself to bed and took a five hour nap! But I still don’t think I’ve fully recovered. Here it is — just after 8pm on Sunday night and I’m thinking it’s time to put myself to bed already. I probably should do that Brazil Butt Lift DVD instead. I DO have a bikini in my dresser drawer now, you know. But I’m thinking that will keep until tomorrow. Off to bed!