Man, I am so emotionally, physically, mentally, and any other word you can think of, drained… I would be lying if I told you that I believed this whole thing was going to work out. It was the opposite. There were times where I just wanted to walk away and say, “screw this!” But I pushed through it. I had to trust this woman who I had never met in my entire life, with the huge task of trying to repair a very damaged relationship with my mother. That’s a huge task.

This took the entire day, from the time I got off work, until about 10 pm. I would say that the entire day I was made to feel as if I had committed some sort of crime. This whole time I had been angry at my mom, and thought that I had done nothing wrong. Then comes this woman, who makes me feel as if I am completely at fault. Everything I said, was challenged. Every feeling I had towards bio dad, and my mom… challenged. My view on how I treat my relationships with my parents… challenged. Frustrating? Very! But this was a woman that Oprah trusted. This was a woman who Oprah would allow to take over her entire show, so I didn’t walk away. I could tell Kinsey felt the same way.

Did Iyanla get me to break down? Absolutely. But when she brought my parents out, I did not break down. I stayed strong… this is when this turned around. I finally had an outsider who was telling it how it was. For the first time in my life, I saw someone lay into my mom. It was awkward, but my mom needed it. She needed this woman’s tough love to break through. So after feeling like I was the one who was being attacked, I felt relieved. I was finally told that I didn’t do anything wrong. I just sat back and watched as Iyanla broke through to my mom. I could go into the crazy details, but that will have to be left for the viewing of the episode… mostly because it was like a storm of emotions, and I feel like I blacked out. haha.

So did this work? To be continued…