Kellie’s Blog: I’ll just keep ’em guessing from now on
Kellie’s Blog: I’ll just keep ’em guessing from now on

Life is all about learning lessons. Some big. Some small. Some humiliating.

Perusing doggie items in the pet store today when I found myself in the path of a kid pushing an oversized something-or-other in a buggy that was headed directly towards me. I excused myself and stepped around the corner to safety, only to find that I was now standing exactly where his buggy needed to go next. So I excused myself again and stepped out of the way. That’s when his daddy said, “You look so familiar….” I smiled and shrugged and said, “I don’t know…..” And he said it again, “But you look so familiar…”

Now this is that odd moment when I have to choose whether or not to let him keep wondering or if I should say something. If I say something, does that make me obnoxious? If I DON’T say something, does that make me more obnoxious? I mean, OF COURSE he must recognize my voice and he just mistakenly assumes he actually knows my face from somewhere. Or perhaps he’s caught Dish Nation on TV a couple times, but because it comes on so late at night and he’s usually in that semi-awake state, he wasn’t quite putting two and two together. I could see that his head was starting to hurt from trying to figure this out, so when he said again that he MUST know me from somewhere, that’s when I made the decision to let him off the hook.

“I’m on the radio.”

“No, that’s not it. Your daughter goes to my kids’ school. I don’t listen to the radio.”