Kellie’s Blog: I’ve still got 50 weeks to make things happen!
Kellie’s Blog: I’ve still got 50 weeks to make things happen!

I must admit, 2013 is off to a slow start. I started off with a mini-meltdown and followed that with a botched attempt at a carb-free way of life. I haven’t really set myself up for success in any area just yet, but hey! We’re in two weeks here! There’s still time to turn this bus around!

My friend’s husband is trying to get me to do this boot camp thing and his wife is FURIOUS. He did it last year and became completely obsessed. The problem with her husband being obsesses bcampis……..everything. He decided to go full force with not only the workouts, but he decided to do the cleanse and then the food plan and then he got a support team and they’d all check in with each other and Instagram pictures of their food and post pictures of their abs on their Facebook walls. It’s all he’s talked about. It’s all he does! If he doesn’t break down and have a chicken fried steak, I’m not sure their marriage can survive!! That actually might be a bit extreme….But my friend is definitely not excited about the possibility that I may become as obnoxiously obsessed as her husband. Our friendship would definitely be in jeopardy if that should happen. I mean, she’s legally and spiritually and emotionally bound to him. I’m just a sporadic one-hour phone call and an occasional lunch date — a replaceable commodity!! Because there’s nothing worse than a friend sneering at you from the the other side of the restaurant table as you order a salad with actual DRESSING!! It’s a look that not only says, “How dare you put that crap in your body??” but also, “I am SO superior to you…”

But then again, my friend has known me for going on 19 years. She knows I don’t ain’t stickin’ to nothin’. I’ll sign up for boot camp, put down my deposit for a month, show up twice, and never utter the words “boot camp” again. A friendship is saved!! But I still have to go through the motions of actually making a life change, so I’m googling boot camps after work today.