JSi’s Blog: Rug Burns and Oprah (I Know…Sounds Weird)
JSi’s Blog: Rug Burns and Oprah (I Know…Sounds Weird)

It’s not every day that you come home and you wife asks, “why do you have rug burns on your knees?” as you are putting your workout shorts on.That is a question that has never been asked in the 10 and a half years thatI have been with Kinsey. Truth is, a dude should have a very good excuse for having rug burns, and I do have one of those. See, what had happened was that after work yesterday I found a hula hoop and the guys at the office and I wondered if we could jump through it, ninja style. I am very sad to announce that we all failed, and most of us ended up with rug burns. Sometimes, ideas seem waaaaay better in our heads. And sometimes dumb ideas make great Kidd TV videos.

Kinsey left the house to go run some errands while Cason napped, and I worked out. See, heres the thing: at the end of the year I took a whole month off from working out and I ate whatever I wanted to eat. I think it was the best thing to do. It’s like hitting the reset button. We all need to comfort ourselves and take a break. So I usually spend the next 3 months getting
back on the saddle and getting back in shape. Even K-Ras has called me a food nazi, because I get pretty strict with what I eat. I do have a couple
weaknesses: pizza and taco bell.pizza21

I have to keep those two things away. I avoid driving by taco bell, but I can’t avoid when my wife comes home with a delicious pizza from Papa John’s. Yeah, she did that. So 15 days into the new year, I cheated… which is not too shabby.

Let’s talk Oprah now… I received an email from her people yesterday! Nothing crazy, but I did get excited. They actually just wanted an update because Iyanla’s show gave them the highest ratings the network has ever received. So my episode will be run all over again next week, with an update. Yay! The only problem I had with this whole process is that a story, that took over 20 years to develop, was told in just one hour. So let’s see how round two goes.