What’s up with meowing? Is that some new thing? Wait. I just got it. I mean, LITERALLY — as I’m typing this — I just now got it. He’s young enough to be mine so he was meowing at me like a kitten because I’m a freaking cougar. So meowing would make sense…unless he’s just odd.

So while our girls were running around upstairs screaming and jumping and fighting and making up and fighting again, Amy and I had just nestled down on her couch with our goblets of red wine when my phone rang. I was quite shocked to see the name on caller ID. Remember that guy who asked me out by text and then stood me up because he was drunk texting and forgot? Yeah, that one. Here he was again. But instead of texting, he was actually calling. Well, that was new, so I decided to answer. And he sounded sober, too, when he asked me to come out and meet him. meowNow, I wasn’t about to drop my goblet or my friend like that, so I said no. But he begged. I said no. So he asked me out for Wednesday. I told him Wednesday was no good for me but I could make Thursday work. I know…don’t even start with me…but I haven’t been on a date in a while and my standards are dangerously low. However, based upon my previous experience with his alcohol-induced amnesia, I told him that if he wanted to see me on Thursday he would have to call me — not text me — and ask me again by Wednesday. And he even said he’d cook me dinner. Fine, as long as he called me by Wednesday, I would say yes. And then we hung up. And then he texted me — “Meow.” Not two minutes later, he called back when I was in the next room and left me a voice mail. It was a meow followed by a request to call him back.  So I did. But I also got his voice mail. I opted to leave a message minus the meow. That just felt really, really wrong to me. And that was the last I heard from him.

I don’t even have to tell you that Wednesday came and went. Now, I wanted to just let it go, and I SHOULD have let it go. But I didn’t. I had to call him on it. And it was the same story — didn’t remember that he’d asked me out and why would he even offer to cook for me when he’s so lousy at it. Sigh.

So here I am again!! Stood up not once, but TWICE!! And by a guy who freaking MEOWED at me!! What the hell??